This TLC Star Dropped 420 Pounds And Looks Incredible

Obesity impacts millions of people, and the same was true for Amber Rachdi. Weighing in at more than 640 pounds! the young woman couldn’t even stand up, Amber couldn’t have the normal life that she wanted. When doctors warned her that she could lose her life before the age of 30, she decided to make a change. After dropping over 400 pounds, Amber became a living example to anyone facing a challenge that seems impossible to overcome. Read on to hear more about Amber’s incredible transformation.

She Decided To Face Her Weight Head On

All human beings have issues that they face, and for Amber Rachdi one of her biggest struggles was her weight. She had spent most of her life being overweight and was ready to make a change in her life.

Amber made the brave choice to go onto the show “My 600-lb Life” to take an honest look at her situation and what needed to change. Though the journey ahead will be long, it was a decision she would ultimately be grateful she was a decision that she would be grateful for in the end.