10 Fun Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Do you want your teen to spend more time outdoors rather than sticking to his gadgets and gadgets? Does your teen enjoy outdoor activities but don’t have enough time to enjoy them? If so, then this article can help you plan interesting and cool outdoor activities for teens.

Most of us enjoy spending time in the wilderness doing a fun outdoor activity. In the not-so-distant past, children of all ages loved to go out and play games with their friends and family. But it was a different time. Virtual games had not yet invaded our homes and our psyche at that time. Smartphones were still the fruit of imagination. Outdoor activities were therefore a popular choice of entertainment and fun for teenagers. However, all is not lost. However, you can do a lot to encourage your teen to do outdoor activities by making them “extra” fun. Read on to find fun outdoor games for teens that will surely appeal to your teen.

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10 fun outdoor activities for teens:

1. Kite flying:

It’s an outdoor activity your teen would like to engage in and even want to learn. Flying kites can be a fun activity for the whole family. Once your teen knows the ins and outs of the kite, you can even organize family competitions.

2. Bungee jumping:

Bungee jumping is certainly not for the faint-backed, but your teenage adventurer would love to try it once. It’s an ideal activity for a weekend or a holiday. The bonus for your teen would be to see you scream in fear.

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3. Cycling:

There was a time when teenagers loved cycling. Why not revive this fun exercise? You can organize a bike expedition with your teen from time to time. Not only is it good for form, but it’s also a lot of fun.

4. Hiking:

Choose a scenic trail for your hike and it is likely that your teen will agree to accompany you. Hiking is also a great opportunity for your teen to spend time outdoors and learn to appreciate nature. Offer to take your best friends on an excursion and you’ll hit the outdoor activity jackpot.

5. Star-Gazing:

You should not limit your teen’s outdoor activities to the day. Spend quality time with your teen looking at the stars, identifying constellations and catching up at the end of the day.

6. River Rafting:

Plan a rafting or canoeing getaway and your teen won’t refuse this trip.

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7. Dodge Ball:

A game that involves throwing balls at others and being the smartest by dodging most shots certainly screams “ADOLESCENT”.

8. Gardening:

It’s a bit soft for your teen, but it’s worth a try. If your teen likes greenery, he’ll love this activity. If you are planning to grow an aromatic plant garden, ask them to help you complete the project.

9. Have fun with a frisbee:

Frisbee can make your teen’s weekends more enjoyable. It’s a great activity for family parties or gatherings with friends.

10. Walk:

Encouraging your teen to take long walks is a subtle way to introduce him or her to fitness and exercise. It’s an outdoor activity that deserves to be done with your teen. Why don’t you help your grandmother go around the park? Why not take family walks in the garden before enjoying an ice cream in your favorite living room? Or maybe he can walk around the neighborhood or on the beach with his pet?

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